Collie Rescue was founded in July 1991 to place abandoned and abused collies into new homes. Collies are accepted from Humane Societies in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, New Jersey and Delaware. They call Collie Rescue when they have a collie that they are ready to euthanize. The collies are provided with veterinary care, neutered and placed into permanent homes as indoor pets. Collie Rescue has placed over 250 collies since its inception. While the dogs are awaiting adoption into permanent homes, Collie Rescue utilizes foster homes. This enables the dog to become acclimated to a positive home environment. Foster families provide care, evaluation and basic training to the dogs who live with them.

     All Collie Rescue staff, including the director, foster families and program staff are volunteers. An adoption fee that covers the cost of veterinary care, immunizations and neutering is charged. Collies of all ages are available for adoption. The average age is 5 years old. Some are as young as 6 weeks and others as old as 16 years! A reduced fee adoption is available for older dogs. For more information regarding adoption or volunteering, contact Thom Lewis (see Contact page).